Our valued "Made in Germany" communication solutions are used in national and international rail projects. For compliance with requirements in the areas of fire protection and environmental compatibility, selected rail products are certified separately in accordance with the international standards DIN EN 45545-2 and DIN EN 50155.


Our handsets and the accompanying coatings are specifically designed, developed and produced in accordance with the ideas and requirements of our customers. Functions, designs and technical equipment are specifically tailored to the particular use.

Microphone loudspeakers

We offer various microphone loudspeakers for use with analogue and digital radio systems. Robust structure, good ergonomics and unique audio technology ensure excellent speech intelligibility and operation, even under extreme conditions.

Desk stand microphones

Various amplifiers and logistics switches are integrated in our range of desk systems – partly processor controlled. Talk to us - we are happy to implement customised special requests for you.


Our portfolio includes both small loudspeakers such as KL1 and KL3 for applications in radio and GSM systems, as well as pressure chamber loudspeakers with outputs of up to 25 Watts specifically for use in the rail sector.

Swan-neck microphones

We offer several devices for mobile use. For example, the dynamic swan-neck microphone TM 880 SH with button from Peitel. Perfectly suited for radio and announcement systems in the mobile sector, for example, railway systems.

Hand microphones

We know what you need and offer sturdy and long-lasting hand microphones with different switch contacts. Whether hand microphones with dynamic microphone capsules or with Electret microphone capsules - we can provide you with the right product.

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