Here you can find our product portfolio. Call us if you have questions or need advice: we specialise in customised solutions.

PTCar Phone

With effective suppression of environmental and background noise, the PTCarPhone is particularly suitable for noisy driver cabins and is thus ideal for organisations with responsibility for safety. The proven Clear Voice & Sound Technology ensures that telephone conversations are transmitted in an even clearer and natural way.


The range of handsets is varied. We are also happy to develop and manufacture in accordance with your requirements. Functions, designs and technical equipment are specifically tailored to the particular use.

Microphone loudspeakers

We offer various microphone loudspeakers for use with analogue and digital radio systems. Robust structure, good ergonomics and unique audio technology ensure excellent speech intelligibility and operation, even under extreme conditions.

Desk stand microphones

Various amplifiers and logistics switches are integrated in our range of desk systems – partly processor controlled. Talk to us - we are happy to implement customised special requests for you.


Our portfolio includes various small loudspeakers for applications in radio and GSM systems. Call us, we have the perfect solution.

Swan-neck microphones

For airports we offer devices for stationary applications - and also for mobile devices.
We are happy to advise you – you will receive the right swan-neck microphone for your application.

Hand microphones

Sturdy and durable hand microphones with different switch contacts, even for use under difficult environmental conditions. We offer both hand microphones with dynamic microphone capsule as well as products with an Electret microphone capsule.