mobile workers
perfectly connected

To enable uninterrupted work when on the move, IT and communication methods must be perfectly aligned. The optimum speech quality and crystal-clear sound are particularly important for mobile workers as they often make telephone calls from noisy environments such as airports, use different devices for this and communicate with colleagues from around the world.

Mobile headsets

Jabra Business headsets for flexible and mobile working

  • e.g. the Jabra Evolve series - new ways of working:
    corded and Bluetooth audio solutions like the Evolve 75e
  • the Jabra Supreme US headset - clear conversations, even in noisy environments
  • the Jabra Motion US - high-definition sound - for the office and when on the move.

Handsets for on the move

The USB handset Plathosys CT 140 – your constant companion

  • Plug&Play
  • Wideband audio performance for natural tone and top speech quality

Mobile conference solutions

The Jabra SPEAK 510

  • light and easy to handle – your smartphone, tablet or PC becomes a high-performance hands-free system
  • cordless connection via Bluetooth or use the USB cable directly
  • any room can become a conference room
  • loudspeaker with 360 degree coverage

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