work efficiently
with professional equipment

The challenges of professional contact centres are varied. The employees work in large offices with modern computers and have access to customer-specific software and information.
The success of a contact centre is dependent on employees being understood correctly. For example, headsets and handsets are needed that can withstand thousands of calls and countless hours of constant use - audio solutions that combine first-class sound, long-lasting durability and high wearing comfort.

We specialise in consulting and the sale of this professional equipment. The focus is on clear communication. For this reason, we only work with the best manufacturers for headsets and communication tools. Our decades-long partnership with JABRA is proof of this.

contact centre  /  corded headsets

why a headset?

The headset provides the option of hands-free work: during a telephone call, the PC can be used alongside for research, typing, scrolling through documents. The requirements of a headset are dependent on the areas of use.

Corded headsets are most suitable in call & contact centres and for authorities – the assumption: the employee works at a desk, the range is approx. 2.5 m and the best sound quality is required for one or both ears.

Components such as weight, crystal-clear sound and wearing comfort play an important role in the selection. We are happy to advise you on the selection of the perfect headset for your company and find the correct audio solution. Give us a call!

contact centre  /  cordless headsets

full mobility
when telephoning
in office

Cordless headsets are ideal if you want to move around in the office or want to work at your desk with your hands free. Whether you want to run to the copier or get a drink during a telephone call: the cordless headset will accompany you without interrupting the call.

The ranges vary - the maximum range is up to 150 m.

Cordless headsets from Jabra, for example, also enable conferencing and are excellent for unified communications. They are multi-use-enabled. Your smartphone can also be connected via Bluetooth and operated via the headset.

We offer a varied product portfolio and are happy to advise you.

contact centre  /  noise cancellation

noise cancellation

Office environments can be quiet but most of the time they are not. For this reason, Jabra has developed a range of microphones for professional use, which have different sensitivities to noise. Depending on your working environment, we will find the headset with the ideal type of microphone.

The aim here is precise voice transmission, whatever the environment. We differentiate between "omnidirectional microphones" for use in quiet office environments and single offices, "noise cancelling microphones (NC)" for use in noisy, open, working environments and "ultra noise cancelling microphones (UNC)": for very loud, large, office environments in which background noise can disturb the telephone calls and colleagues sit very closely together.