even when on the move
crystal-clear sound

Wideband Audio Performance

The CT 140 PRO provides the highest speech quality and natural tones when using PC telephony. Both the earpiece and the microphone are within the frequency range 100 Hz to 7,500 Hz as per ETSI ES 202 739 – and thus give the best HD audio quality.


The support of the Hearing-Aid-Compatibility standard (HAC) also ensures that the CT 140 PRO enables wearers of hearing aids to use the latest communication technology in the age of Unified Communications.*

Further acoustic features

  • Call signalling via the loudspeaker in the handset
  • Echo cancellation
  • Acoustic Shock Protection as per ETSI EG 202518

 * (Hearing Aid Compatibility as per FCC Part 68.316 and 68.317)

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